Friday, 22 May 2009

Up All Night

This is from Saturday- part 2 (a little belated)

Around 8pm, we met up with the foreigners to see Angels and Demons- Andrew, Katie, Alice, and my new Korean friend Eunsuk who works as a student teacher at Kilju Middle school with Andrew (I met her at English camp). This marked the end of the English movies for now, as we've all already seen Wolverine and Star Trek. After the movie, Scott and I invited everyone back to our apartment to play some Wii and have a few drinks. We'd not yet had anyone over, and we had a gigantic basket of fruit given to us as a teacher's day gift from Scott's teachers class, so we were excited at the prospect of having people over.

Everyone agreed that they would stay "for a little while," because they were tired and it was already 10:30 at night.

30 minutes went by.

And then an hour.
Around 1am we decided it would be a good idea to go to a noribang (song room), so we all started walking through the rain downtown.

Alice took off, but the rest of us were ready to sing. We ordered 1 hour in a room, two pitchers of beer, and a tray of fruit.

And there was singing.

And Rocking.

And more singing.

Scott and Andrew had some of the most touching moments...

...but I think the sweetest of all was when Andrew and Katie sang "Summer Nights" from Grease... with a video of two men boxing on the screen. Well, not just regular boxing. The video started in a lab with a scientist giving one man a shot of green liquid in the neck to make him some kind of super-mutant-machine-boxer when he got into the ring. Oh, those summer nights.

Finally we decided that our voices were dying, and I had perhaps exhausted their collection of Beatles' songs. I became the Walrus. After paying for our 1 hour, we stepped out into the streets of Andong once more and discovered...daylight. It was just past 5am, and we had been singing for nearly 4 hours.

And none of us were tired. Our only real dilemma was that we were hungry and Andong really needs an IHOP.


  1. It was AMAZING! Jagger's got nothing on us.

  2. Hehehe, 'and now you know...the rest of the story' :D

  3. To be young again! :-)