Friday, 23 October 2009


Well, the intention was to finish my Gyeongju blog post during my free time at school today since Monday's classes were already planned. However, due to the H1N1 outbreak, my school has been canceled on Monday and Tuesday so I had to use that time to plan for Wednesday's classes. Tomorrow I have an English camp in the morning, a Korean wedding to attend in the afternoon, and a 3 way birthday bash to celebrate in the evening (Katie, Alice, and Andrew!). On the other hand, I'll have plenty of time come Monday! I just had to rework my schedule a little bit, but I'm not neglecting my writing on purpose. ^^;


  1. Likely story. Pfft. H1N1...

    Affectionatly called the hiney (pet name for your butt) flu

  2. A HS school here closed because 900 students were out sick. Only 88 had confirmed cases of H1N1. What will schools do when the real flu season hits?

    When I see you next, please teach me how to play poker, too.

  3. Take your time - we are so flexible!!
    <3 mom

  4. Come visit and play poker with the big guys! I love to read your writings and view the wonderful photos you add, but I do have one complaint! You should be in more of the your pictures! I would love to see you dressed in the traditional Korean garb! Your writings are wonderful. I know I havent posted comments lately, but I still check every day to see what new and wonderful stories you have on that beautiful country you are in. Keep up the great work!