Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Losing Daylight

Of all the things I knew I'd miss when I left America, I hadn't counted on Daylight Savings Time being on the list. My co-teachers said that Koreans tried using it back in the 80's, but it never caught on so they cut it. I can't imagine why. When I get out of work at 4:40 every day, the sun is already out of sight. By about a quarter after 5, it's black. That means all of my daylight hours are spent at work, and no matter how exhausted I am on Friday night I can't allow myself to sleep too late on Saturday. At least school is ending so I have less to stress about. I already thought of winter as a cold dark season, but it's far darker without that extra hour.


  1. *pets* It will be OK, sara. Just...get a painting of the sun and put it on your wall at work. Or tattoo it to your palm and hold it up in the sky as you walk. If you really miss it flash a light on your hand...

    This way you'll get a little sunlight and the crazies will hail you as high queen =)

  2. Sara: I know the feeling. Since the time went back to standard, it is dark here by 4:30. The good news is that in two weeks, the days will start to get longer. Larry

  3. Hey lady- it gets dark here in NY at around 4 or so. Nuts. Oh so my reason for hopping on was to tell you that we are having a big snowstorm and all day all I could think about was how we used to bundle up and go on epic journeys across the frozen golf course. Oh how I long for that.

    When I got home tonight from work I put on my rain pants, coat, hat, boots, gloves, and coat and wandered around my neighborhood enjoying the snow. I was the only one out and it felt a little lost-in-the-barrens. You were with me in spirit.
    I miss you.