Saturday, 16 January 2010

On Vacation

I'll be on vacation until Jan 31 in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, so it's likely I won't be updating my blog until I get back. I planned on a post before leaving, but time absolutely flew in the busy days leading up to the trip.^^;

Scott and I just arrived in Ho Chi Minh with our friends Andrew and Katie after a 5 hour flight from Seoul, and we're about to head out and explore. I'll let you know a lot more later, but right now the 4 of us are looking forward to taking a mental break from work for 2 weeks.


  1. Sara: Hope you and Scott have a great time. It really sounds exciting. I would appreciate it if you would update us from time to time, as your travel allows. My friends who have traveled extensevly in that region really enjoyed their stay. Ralph Meyering was a Fulbright Scholar in Thailand twice. He and Joan now live in Rio Rancho, NM. Tell Scott if he has time to send Ralph an e-mail from Thailand. Have fun. Larry

  2. BE CAREFUL!! But you're in God's hands so I know everything will be OK. I am looking forward to pictures :)

    Peace <3

  3. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................

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  6. I have sources that say you're back in Korea. I'm in need of a new post outlining every detail of the trip. Thank you!