Thursday, 23 April 2009

Kids Climbing Mountains

Sorry, as Scott also mentioned in his blog, sickness came upon us this week (though more him than me). It led to being both very tired and extra busy while I tried to keep up with work.

Anyway! Right before the sick started, last Saturday, I joined Scott's school (Dongbu Elementary) in the climbing of a mountain (I think it's called Yongnam). I thought, when invited, that I would be going with faculty from his school since it was Saturday. I forgot, however, that 2 of 4 Saturdays a month all of the students have school (mind you, it's not in our contract to work weekends though), so it was a school outing. The mountain was right behind his school, and the hike lasted about 2 hours.

So without further ado, Kids climbing mountains:

The road was steep and treacherous...

The strong found brief moments of refreshment...

...the smaller and weaker tripped and fell...

And finally, finally, the end was within grasp! What would be over that final rise?!

This is not a joke.

After a 1 hour climb, the 1st through 6th grade students of Dongbu reached the top of the mountain to discover an excercise park.

Koreans let their kids climb mountains with steep drops and no rails without having their mothers sign waivers. They exercise after climbing mountains without a water fountain in sight. Incredible.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and words! Hope the sickness is in the past! Love, Dad

  2. I am cracking up right now!

  3. least in america we call them "play" grounds and not exercise park XD

    That's awesome.