Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Priceless Language Moments 5

Taebun: What do you think when I say "Answer the call of nature?"
Me: I think you need to go to the bathroom. You can also say "Nature calls!" and leave the room.
Taebun: What about when I say "Number 2?"
Me: You need to poo.
Taebun: Is it common to say?
Me: Yes.
Taebun: Really?
Me: Haha, yes.
Taebun: You could say it to your friend?
Me: Yes, if you want to.
Taebun: Could you say it to your grandmother?
Me: If I want my grandmother to know what I'm doing in the bathroom, then sure.
Mrs. Im: How about "number 1?"


  1. Finally, Taebun makes an appearance in the priceless language moments! I knew he'd make it eventually.

    Just be grateful no one asked you about number 3.

  2. I'm asking about number 3, what is it?

  3. ...Yeah, do tell. I only have two holes. Well..WAIT A MINUTE!! WHOA..

    Are you really that gross? =P

    JK jk

    no, but really?