Thursday, 17 September 2009

Priceless Language Moments 6

Another one so soon! A group of six 6th graders walked up to me in the office a moment ago, with one girl holding a piece of paper. After much coaxing into speaking English by Taebun and a lot of giggling, the girl decides to talk to me.

Girl: Can I *pause* interview you?
Me: Sure!
Girl: He *points to Taebun* says he...uh...thinks he is Ge-Genus.
Taebun: Genus?
Girl: Ah! No no...uh...Jesus! He thinks he is Jesus!
Taebun: I'm Jesus?
Girl: What do you think?
Me: Do I think that he's Jesus?
Girl: Ah! Gee- *takes out cell phone to check the dictionary* Genius!
*Taebun is laughing*
Me: Ah, he think's he's a genius. Do I agree? Well hmm...
Girl: No what do you think...about...his think...he is genius?
Me: Do I think he thinks he's a genius? *looking at Taebun* Do you think you're a genius?
Taebun: I don't know, maybe.
Girl: No, his think. *she speaks rapidly in Korean to Taebun*
Taebun: Sorry, I don't speak Korean. Speak English.
Girl: Ah! *after a few moments* Why did did. you. come. Korea?
Me: Why did I come to Korea? Because I like teaching and I like Korea. It was a good match.
Girl: OK. Thank you.
*The group moves to the other side of the office to speak with Taebun, then calls to me again*
Girl: OK. What about his...pronunciation?
Me: It's very good.
Girl: Why?
Me: Maybe because he's a genius?
Girl: Ah!
Taebun: *after all the students have left* They asked me why my pronunciation was better than other teachers, and I told them "because I'm a genius!" but I was joking. So what they were trying to ask was "My teacher thinks he's a genius, what do you think about that?"


  1. Taebun should learn to stop telling people that he's a genius. He keeps telling me the same thing, but I don't believe it yet.

    I'll interview you later about it.

  2. Awww...I'm sure he's got a STROKE of genius in there somewhere. Don't we all? Please? I'm banking on it for future use.

    I do hope that my moments of genius aren't used up...

    I don't get it either, but STROKE is staying capitalized. Deal with it <3

  3. Very well done Sara M. I think you are a genius. Larry